About Me

Sarah is a visual development artist who specialises more in creature and character design, illustration and loves to dabble with toy design. Born and bred in Singapore, she has produced concept for both local and international companies including Capcom London, Warner Brothers, Comicave Studios and The Walt Disney Company. 

Her last full time gig was at Comicave Studios as the senior illustrator where she did art direction and came up with the look and style for new toy series. Her current portfolio includes the new Cubeits and Podz series of toys under a variety of franchises such as Disney, Marvel, DC and Sanrio. 

She also enjoys working on style guides and consumer products and has designed for Disney and Warner Brothers in this capacity. 

As an creative independent, Sarah is an active freelancer and has also created several indie toys and artwork which she sells online and at conventions. She can usually be found tabling at STGCC or just puttering about and talking to industry friends.  

Favouring bold lines and bright colours, Sarah is influenced by street art along side a healthy dose of American, Japanese and European animation. She is also fond of urban subcultures, steampunk, cyberpunk and fetish fashion.

Artists who inspire her include Terryl Whitlach, Sean Galloway, Cory Loftis, Victoria Ying, Mike Yamada and Arthur du Pins, just to name a few. 

Sarah can usually be found hunched over a watercolour painting, toy or tablet, scribbling away while thinking about what to eat for lunch while on holiday in Tokyo.